Club Competition Rules

1.  The Match Committee controls all Club Competitions conducted and reserves the right to cancel an event due to insufficient numbers.  Handicaps for the 100 up events will be set by the selection committee.

2.  Entrants must be financial members of Mornington Civic Bowling Club.

Novice Eligibility:  Have been an affiliated Bowls Australia member for 3 years or less from close of entry and have never previously won a club championship event.

3.  A $5.00 per player entry fee for each event must be paid on or before the nominated closing date and placed in an envelope with name and event details in the Competitions box. (No Fee – No Play)

4.  The Match Sub Committee will post the draw on the notice board, including the To Be Played By date and the Rules and Conditions of play, on the day after the the nominated closing date.  All matches must be played on or by the the nominated To Be Played By date, or forfeit the match.  Matches should be played early to avoid this.  Any difficulties in arranging matches must be notified to the Match Sub Committee 7 days prior to the To Be Played By date.

5.  First named Player/Team in draw is responsible for arranging:

(a)  Match with opposition and Greens Director – (Finals require umpire);

(b)  Organising a marker and obtaining scorecard;

(c)  Entering the date and time of match on blackboard (Minimum of 2 days prior to date of play;)

(d) Returning signed card to Match Sub Committee.

Dress Rules:

All Club Championship matches must be played in FULL Club Uniform, including Markers.