Practice & Use of the Greens

For specific details on the use of the Greens, please see the outside Notice Board

As a general rule direction of play (including practice) shall be:

  • Saturday – North/South
  • Sunday – East/West
  • Monday – East/West
  • Tuesday – North/South
  • Wednesday – East West
  • Thursday – North/South
  • Friday – East/West


In general, affiliated club bowlers may practice whenever the greens are open, on a rink not being used for scheduled competitions or not being used fully by coaches. Official coaches acting in that capacity will have priority in the use of available rinks. New bowlers who are not club members may only practice under the supervision of an official coach until passed to play by the coaches.

Bowlers MUST NOT practice on a rink that they will use in a game at a later time that day. Whilst club scheduled games or pennant games are in progress, members wishing to practice or play in a club competition on the same green, must leave at least one rink between the games in progress and are requested to be in uniform. If there is a vacant open green, these rinks must be used first and members may wear mufti.